SCES Playground Update

For those that have donated in the past to the playground fund, THANK YOU.


Please rest assured that the money is sitting securely in an interest bearing savings account. We are still fundraising for the playground, but progress has been slow. We had a transition year in the PTA with a significant amount of turnover in the Leadership, so we chose to place less emphasis on play ground fundraising so that we could focus on more timely initiatives.


The good news is that we recently found out that AACPS has SCES slated for a new playground on their 2020 maintenance log. With that said, we will be working with the county on how to best use our funds to to upgrade and/or enhance the very basic system that they will provide. These upgrades/enhancements could include an additional piece of equipment (the one that they will provide is significantly smaller than that we currently have), shade structure, upgraded surfacing, asphalt play areas, etc.


The Executive Team will be meeting with school officials this summer to determine next steps and a possible timeline. We will be sending out a letter to all donors once we have more concrete information. Thank you again for your generosity and have a great summer! - The SCES PTA 


Please feel free to contact Holly Willis or Lauren Symmes with any questions or concerns.